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Welcome to the Community

We believe that language education is a right. These guidelines are to create an understanding of how Melyngo should be.

1.Show respect

No matter where you come from, what level your language may be at, we are all here for the same purpose - language learning. Asking questions and having a different perspective should be celebrated, our users and team should always show respect.

2.Give support

If we haven't got each other, who else is left? We are all in this together! It’s a long journey to learn a language proficiently, so If someone uses incorrect grammar or has questions you think you can help with, give support kindly and patiently. Putting someone down, doesn't raise you up and discourages people from learning.

3. Embrace differences

The more you learn, the less you know! As you learn you will find there are many ways, accents and words to say the same thing. Embrace the differences and approach them with an open mind.

More Information

We care about your safety. Be careful not to share or post any private information, such as:
- Phone number;
- Age;
- Address;
- School or work place;
- Email;
- or other personal information.
Do not use Melyngo to:
- Attack a person or group with words or actions;
- Harass or promote hurtful content;
- Use symbols, names and text that promote hate;
- Stalk, impersonate or make sexual remarks;
- Use nude or disturbing profile pictures and usernames.
As stated in the terms, Melyngo reserves the right to replace images or remove accounts at its sole discretion. We take reports seriously and may delete your account without previous notice. We will also remove any content we believe violates the spirit of these guidelines and you will risk losing partial or full access to Melyngo.
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