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Let's make real, social and economic change.

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Executive Summary

Online language learning as a tool for social mobility in Southeast Asia is not fit for purpose. Melyngo's AI based activities and unique business model returns value to every learner, meaning we will not only succeed, we will help individuals rise.


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Our Mission

Through the use of technology our objective is to consolidate online language learning in Southeast Asia under a socially conscience framework and to maintain a focus on developing relationships with local education providers and community groups to provide our premium service for free for talented individuals in low-income areas.
We are now seeking to maximize our momentum by boosting our marketing activities and ensuring our technical dependencies can accompany growth.

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The Team

Melyngo’s management team boasts strong tech skills and business know-how. Ben, who has previously founded and sold a startup in the UK and Yun, a qualified accountant with vast international audit experience. Ben and Yun formed Melyngo with the hope of increasing social mobility through language to a currently undervalued region in the industry.

Ben Roberts

Founder & CEO
British EdTech entrepreneur and coder with a strong focus on increasing education accessibility and social mobility in Southeast Asia. Ben has diverse experience in business development, marketing & IT from working in China, Thailand and Singapore.
Experience of note:
- Teacher at New Oriental School (China)
- SQL DBA at Capgemini Plc (UK)
- Founder at GMEXP Technology Ltd (UK)
Ben speaks fluent English and Mandarin and conceived Melyngo's MeMethod™ curriculum from his own learning experiences.

Yunqian Zhou

Founder & CFO
Yun is a qualified accounting professional with audit experience in various industries, possessing strong adaptability, as well as professional skills in accounting, internal controls and financial reporting. At Melyngo Yun monitors project spending and cash flows.
Experience of note:
- Group Internal Auditor at Sodexo
- Senior Internal Auditor at Marina Bay Sands
- Audit Senior at Deloitte
Yun speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and crafted our platform and lesson UI/UX design in early beta.

Our Community

Curriculum Development
Thanks to our community, Melyngo currently boasts 3 levels of 7 languages in our MeMethod™ style curriculum taking our users from beginner to intermediate in lightning-fast time. With 2 more advanced levels and 14 more languages actively in development.
Our contributing community consists of native speakers within our user base and socially minded language teachers who all share the Melyngo spirit.

The MeMethod™

Do you know why we say tick-tock and not tock-tick? No? But even without looking it up, you know it should be that way because it simply feels right.
Native speakers usually know very little about the rules of their own language, despite following them subconsciously. So why should new learners be forced to waste precious time learning them?
The MeMethod™ uses a simple equation to simulate immersive situations and environments so our users can learn their new language just like they did their first, no theory, no boring lessons on conjunctions, just pure learning!
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