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Our Mission

Language learning is a tool for social mobility!

Through the use of technology our mission is to consolidate online language learning in Southeast Asia under a socially conscience framework, increasing access to education and social mobility in the areas needed most.
Students participate in the Work In Japan job fair hosted by Recruit Co. in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, Aug. 18, 2014. About 150 students from Asian countries are taking part in the series of job hunting events to have interviews with Japanese companies. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Why Southeast Asia?

Only 3% of 864 courses from the major language learning providers are available to ASEAN Students.
The main languages available to students in the region are English & Chinese, but may not give the most economic impact. Think about this, excluding China, Vietnam imports most of its goods from South Korea, making Korean an ideal niche for someone from Vietnam to learn.

How does Melyngo help, exactly?

We strive to give full membership to at least 10% of our userbase. That means full premium access to those who need it most, completely free!
We do this by developing relationships with local education providers and community groups in low income areas.
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