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Premium adds 324 more activities to each language!

Premium enhances your learning with more listening, reading, writing, and grammar activities.

How does it compare?

3 Levels of each language include the following:

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Melyngo promises not to restrict learning for profit. You can use Melyngo for free. Premium adds value to your learning process and can be canceled at any time.


48 x Coursework
3 x Listening
3 x Reading
3 x Writing
3 x Grammar


48 x Coursework
84 x Listening
84 x Reading
84 x Writing
84 x Grammar

How much does it cost?

14-day money back guarantee at registration! Cancel anytime for any reason.



$10.99 SGD / month
Billed monthly

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$113.88 SGD / year
Billed annually

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